Aging and Birthdays

“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

Mark Twain

I have never been big on celebrating my birthday. I remember one year my mom called to wish me happy birthday. I told her it wasn’t my birthday, I didn’t know what day of the month it was but it didn’t stop me from opening my mouth and inserting my foot. My mother was quick to remind me that she was there for the delivery, yes she said it, and that she should know. Once again mom was right.

I remember as a kid I thought 40 was old. I thought you moved into the old folks home at that age. I had no idea how wrong I was. As I celebrated my 25th birthday, I came to realize that people lived into their 60s, 70s, and even 80s. Ok I never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed.

I never really thought I would make it to my 60s. But to my surprise I just turned 68. I have reached that point in life where my body and mind seem to be arguing a lot. My body says you really aren’t going to do that are you? You better think about what you are doing and my mind says hold my Geritol and watch this!

25 thoughts on “Aging and Birthdays

  1. My favorite college professor died while walking across campus one day. I had told my Mother about him and she had met him and also had great respect for Dr. Donald Johns, an exemplary man of faith and learning. She asked how old he was, and I told her, 52. Her response was, “Oh, my, so young.”
    One of the rare times I did NOT kick myself in the head, I thought, but did NOT say, “Mom, I just said he was 52. He was an old geezer and probably ready to die.”
    Later I found out my mother was the same age, though she lived on earth until she was 80.
    When I turned 52, I remembered Dr. Johns, and hoped he and my Mother were enjoying worshiping Jesus together around His throne.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. I have this same thing going on Wayne. My new strategy is to tell my body I’m going to live to be 100, therefore I should still be able to portage a canoe and pack another 20 years and reshingle my own roof.
    Ill let you know how that works.

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  3. Happy Birthday! I hear you on the celebrating part, we keep it very simple in my family. Years of being a farrier definitely will take it’s toll. I often wonder how y’all do what you do (or did). But it’s in our hearts and minds that keep us going, keeps us young at heart and thriving! It’s good to be able to stop and smell the roses or throw that fishing line out into the lake. Here’s to many more years, I’m right behind you and will be turning 62 this year. 🤩🎂🥂❤️

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  4. Happy not-a-big-deal birthday then, with a hug from Murph. Hope it was great. Geritol milkshakes and cake…. mmm mmm : )
    Yes indeed, the 20’s feel they could be permanent. I may declare that every birthday is my 25th.

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