Snow: You Either Hate It or Love It

I happen to be one who loves the snow; however, the snow fall here in southeast Missouri doesn’t stay around real long. If I had to deal with it all winter long, like those in the deep north, I may be on the other side of the fence. Even if you are a hater of snow, you have to admit; it is quite beautiful.

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10 thoughts on “Snow: You Either Hate It or Love It

  1. It’s always beautiful Wayne, but the long winters cold gets old. We will be diving down for more than a week of below zero highs according to the smart guy on TV. Add wind and it gets dangerous to have a mishap in the woods or on the lake.
    Beautiful shots.

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      • This last December was so harsh (almost 3 weeks of below zero highs and minus40 to minus 80 wind chills). If it wasn’t for the beauty of almost 40 inches of snow, a little each day it seemed (3-4 inches) and the extreme frost here and there I would have been ready for spring January 1. Snow is ok, the cold can get to me over long periods of time, but only if I let it.


  2. I love looking at it, not shoveling it or driving in it. That said, maybe 10 days of looking at it in 1 year is plenty. Many who see it for the first time find it magical. It really is like a strange, miraculous event of Earth. That tree in photo 3 is cute. Your fence shot is awesome! I’m trying to make sense of the trails of snow disturbance.

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