Friendship The Fruit of Life


“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship” – Thomas Aquinas

I had a warming conservation with a long time friend that I had lost touch with over the years.  We grew up together to only part ways after graduation.  It was quite refreshing and sad at the same time.

How do we lose the connection with those that were so important to us?  I have no clue.  You shared the most important things in your life with them and couldn’t wait to share with them the important things in your life.

We live in a fast paced world of multitasking and making a living to support our everyday life and lost sight of so many things.  We think of them but never take the time to reach out to them and see how they are doing.  We put it on the back burner and say “some day soon”.  What if that day never comes?

We have so many social media mediums that we can use to stay in touch.  I was reluctant to access the use of these tools.  Finally I took the plunge and use those mediums to contact those friends of yesterday and to me it has become a God send.  I have been reunited with many of those people and began rekindling those long lost friendships.  At the same time I have made many new friendships.

We need to remind ourselves just how important friendship is and not take it for granted.  We all have been faced with the loss of a friend, leaving us with only the memories.  I have lost several friends in the past year.  When it happens we start questioning ourselves.  Were we a good friend to them?  Were they aware of how important they were to us?  Did they value my friendship as much as I did theirs?

I challenge everyone to reach out to those friends that you have lost contact with.  With today’s social media it isn’t hard to do.  Rekindle that lost friendship.  Catch up with the missing years.  Take that walk down memory lane.  It will sooth your soul and rekindle your spirit.  You will be glad you did.

God Bless you one and all and thanks for reading.