The Joy of Friendship


Long time friend David Tripp

“The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” – Hubert Humphrey

David and I met in the second grade and thanks to FB we reconnected.  David is a retired educator and a profound artist and writer.  He now lives in Texas and when he comes to Missouri to visit family we always try to get together and chew the fat.  We try to plan a fishing trip once a year and this past week we managed to get some fishing in.


Rock of David

There is a rock formation on the Big River up river from the Leadwood Access that David wanted to see.  I had sent him a picture of it some time ago and he did a plein air water color of it that I was very impressed with so I named it the Rock of David.  He finally got to see it Friday with his own eyes and rumor is there will be another plein air watercolor of it in the future.

Since we went to view the Rock of David we decided to get some fishing time in.  The river was low so we pulled the boat up on a gravel bar in the middle of the river and did some wading.  We caught several fish, panfish, David caught some smallies and I caught a spotted bass.  Some of the perch were the size of our hands.  We both thought the day felt like a fall day.


It was a good day.   We talked about the town of High Ridge that we grew up in.  remembered classmates and wondered what happened to some of them.  Discussed teachers and sports.  Laughed.  There was also a lot of quiet time so we could take a walk down memory lane alone.  We shared war stories and discussed books. We solved all the world’s problems.

“Friendship is the fruit which the year should bear; it lends its fragrance to the flowers, and its in vain if we get only a large crop of apples without it.” – Henry David Thoreau


Big River

“Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere.” – Emma Smith

It is always fun to share the beauty of this part of the river.  I don’t think David was disappointed.  This stretch of the river has never failed to mesmerize me every time I pass through it.


Big River

14102395_10153914142043041_5517971233640166969_n (1)

Big River

As the sun began to sink into the western horizon I realized that this perfect day was about to come to an end.  I realized how lucky I was to have a friend like David.  As I watched the sun as it light seemed to make its final escape from the river the realization that the day was about to end, I realized just how we sometime overlook the importance of a good friend.  To think a liberal and conservative spent the day together and didn’t kill each other.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed the photos of the Big River.  The beauty of it is stunning and it is easy to get lost in it.   Remember to be kind to one another, share the love and don’t squat with your spurs on.




.                                                                                                                                                                                     ..     .

Almost There


{Left to Right} Mark’s Grandson, David, Me and Mark

“Remember the most valuable antiques are dear old friends.”  – H. Jackson Brown Jr

I thought the above quote was quite appropriate however I can’t speak for David and Mark.  In the movie Wild Hogs four middle aged men hit the road for adventure on motorcycles.  So I guess for three guys hitting the open river for 7 days in kayaks and canoe, I guess we would be called the Wild Yaks.  Hopefully we wont hear banjos.

Some months back I had mentioned to them that I was going to do a seven day float on the river and they thought it was such a great idea that they wanted in, so on Saturday the Geritol Crew will begin a seven day journey down the beautiful Big River.  I guess we should call it the Rice Krispies float because every time we get out of the boats you can hear snap, crackle, pop.

14051575_10153914141918041_5227124425302298728_n (1)

One of the places we will pass by.  I call it Rock of David,  because my friend David brought it to life in water color.

I hate to say it but this float trip was brought together by Facebook.  Mark, David and I graduated together and were reunited by Facebook.  I will let you know how many bottles of Geritol we go through.  Instead of butcher, baker and Indian Chief we have, retired teacher, bails bondsman and semi-retired horseshoer.  What a combination.  Well with three wild sixty-three year old men unsupervised on the river, I think the bails bondsman will be most beneficial.  I just hope I don’t overdose on Geritol.

br2 (2)

Another site we will see on the Big River

I have our trip planned to cover around 6 to 8 miles a day.  I hope we reach Cherokee Landing by Monday evening.  Our final destination is going to be Washington State Park south of De Soto, MO.   I figure it is about a forty-five mile float.  I hope to get lots of pics and fish.  My wish is to some day float the whole Big River and Bourbeuse River.

“Friends…they cherish one another’s hopes.  They are kind to one another’s dreams.” – Henry David Thoreau

As our time draws closer my mind wanders back to the times in school when life was so much simpler.  Then my mind rockets back to the present making me realize how much different things are today.  We all seem to have a little more snow on the roof.  Our step doesn’t have as much spring in it as it used to have.  I know some mornings I get up and notice that the “git” in my “git along” all ready got up and left without me.  Our friendship has endured a long time.  I am looking forward to taking a trip down memory lane this weekend, going back to a time when you all climbed into one car and dumped all your change out to get enough gas in the car to ride around all night.  Life was good.

br3 (1)

Another place on the river we will pass by.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Be kind to one another and share the love.  Don’t squat with your spurs on and God Bless you one and all.





Today I was lucky enough to have lunch with some friends from high school.  We are all graduates of the class of 1972.  Out of the five David Tripp has the title of longest friend.  We have been friends since second grade.  I was one of those that fought being a part of social media however, we were all reunited by social media.  For that I am thankful.

On the drive home I had some windshield time and I thought about how our friendships had endured over all the years.  It was like we hadn’t really been apart.  I also started thinking about friendship and how many different types of friendships there are and the following is what I came up with in my mind.

Associates:  I consider these friends, people who you may work with or interact with on occasion but have no personal relationship with.

Intellect:  This is the friend who is a whole lot smarter than you and they share their knowledge with you when you need to make an important decision and need the facts to do so.

Mother Teresa/counselor:   This friend gives spiritual, moral and emotional support.  The friend to talk to when you need some help to get through something you are having a problem dealing with yourself.

Atta Boy:  This is the friend that is there with you in the gym telling you that you can do one more rep or cheering you on and pushing you to finish an assignment.

Best Friend:  This is the friend who is all of the above and more.  The indispensable one.  The one that is there through thick and thin.  Your rock.  One who expects nothing in return.  I am a firm believer your spouse should be on the best friend list.  That should be a given.

The list above is what I call Positive friends.  Unfortunately there can be negative friends that some people for whatever reason, fail to notice these type of friends.  They are:

Parasites:  These friends will suck the life out of you to satisfy their needs and give you nothing in return.  When you need their help they are always busy.

Groupies:  These are friends that feed on people who have received a temporary wind fall and willing to spend it on these so called friends.  When the money dries up they are gone.

Users:  These are friends that will use your friendship to get them where they want to be and when they have accomplished their goal, on your back, they drop you like a hot potato.

Arsenic:  These are the friends who befriend you only to tear you down behind your back.  Personally I think it is triggered by jealousy.

The above is just my humble opinion.  Yea I am no one special but I think this is a pretty good breakdown of types of friendships.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

I can say with confidence that I do not have any negative friends in my life.  That is not to say that it hasn’t happened.  I just got smarter.

Friendship is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Baltasar Gracian says, “True friendship multiplies the good in life and divides its evils. Strive to have friends, for life without friends is like life on a desert island…to find one real friend in a life time is good fortune; to keep him is a blessing.”  Remember the song that told us “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone”?  “True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.” – Charles Caleb Colton

Thanks for reading.  I hope you got something out of it.  Be kind to one another, share the love and God Bless you one and all.