My Addiction


“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” – Henry David Thoreau

My adventure began December 16, 2017.  I went to the property we own in Frank Clay that morning and had been cutting wood.  It was a gorgeous day and I was having withdrawal symptoms.  My addiction hadn’t been fed in awhile and I knew the longer I neglected it the worse it would get.

I arrived home around 2:30 and fed the horses.  I then went to work unloading a load of wood that I had brought back.  When that was done I went to work organizing the necessary items for a night in the woods.

I arrived at the property at 5:30 p.m. so I would be setting up in the dark.  First thing I did was get the fire started so that when I was finished setting up I could rustle up some grub.


My palace for the evening.

It was 47 degrees when I arrived at the property.  They were calling for a low of 40 and light rain by morning.

Once I had supper behind me I began reflecting on the day and the early night.  The temperature had dropped to 40 degtrees and I could feel the fingers of the cold tugging at my toes and feet.

As I sat watching the flames of the fire dancing around the wood I began thinking just how fortunate I am to be able to experience Nature in this way.  I think we tend to get so caught up in our everyday routines that we take our freedoms for granted.  In our minds we tell ourselves that it will be there.  We seem to forget how fragile life is.  It can change in a matter of seconds and we lose the luxury to enjoy the things we hold so dear to our hearts.

As I sat there absorbing my surroundings I tried to imagine what it would be like for someone that has never experienced Nature in this way.  No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t wrap my mind around what it would be like.  I realize that a lot of people don’t exactly have this adventure on their bucket list.  To those people I say, find your “Nature experience”.  That one experience that fills your heart with joy, recharges your spirit and cleanses your soul.  That “me” time that we need to clear our minds and help us cope with life.   Now close your eyes and think what that is.  You got it?  Hold it dear in your heart and don’t ever hesitate to go there and enjoy that time.

Another passion of mine is Dutch Oven cooking.  My favorite is the ten inch.  It is quite versatile and I carry that with me on my camping excursions.  It also works well as a skillet.  That was my choice for Sunday morning.  It is great for cooking the complete meal in one pot.  This morning I chose potatoes, sausage and eggs.  Food tastes so much better when cooked outside, or at least that is my opinion.  As I sat there eating breakfast I watched as the forest came to life.  I watched as two deer made their way past camp and it must have been a squirrel family reunion.  Several were enjoying the mild December weather.  I had ten coyotes visit camp the night before.  They didn’t stay long.  They must have been looking for that roadrunner that was always picking on their cousin Wiley.


“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it.  If your passion is say Bingo, then take the time to go to that place and renew your spirit and cleanse your soul.  I know it is sometimes hard to find that time you really need.  Learn to schedule this much needed time in your life.  Remember to spread the love.