Spring Draws Near

The wind chill tonight into Monday morning is projected to be -15 to -25. I guess the old body isn’t what it used to be. The pain I have from the cold is just a reminder sent to the brain informing it that I am still alive.

Even with the pain and chill it saddens me that spring draws near. There are those who think I am crazy but that is just the way this old man rolls I guess. I miss cruising the river in the yak and floating a fly on the water in the early morning hours just at dawn. I miss the fight of the fish on the end of the line and the squawk of the heron perched upon a log, but I still have mixed emotions of winter fading into spring.

I love a walk in the woods after a snow storm. The peace and tranquility soothes my soul and makes me feel like a child again. The earth looks cleansed and at rest from the blanket of snow covering the ground. It gives me a refreshed feeling that I never experience from the other seasons.

My friend winter I will be saying goodbye to you soon and will be anxiously awaiting your return. Maybe I am crazy or maybe I see something in winter that others don’t.

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