Is The EPA Out Of Control?

I really didn’t want to use my blog for government bashing but the EPA’s attempt to regulate backyard BBQs in my opinion is an excessive over reach of their authority.  Totally ridiculous.

What concerns me the most is where is this madness going to go?  They are trying to regulate woodstoves.  This could be disastrous to rural America.  There are so many in rural America that rely on woodstoves for heating their homes.  The EPA continues to move forward without even considering the impact that this will have on these Americans.  I remember growing up  my grandparents relied heavily on wood heat.  It was economical and cost effective for them.  They were on a fixed income and they had acres of fire wood to harvest to feed their stove.  I don’t know the number of people that still rely on this method of heat but I am sure the numbers would be staggering.  With the high cost of electricity it is the only way they have to supplement their home heating.  Now that way of life is at risk.

As if that wasn’t enough now they are coming after backyard BBQers.  Really?  What is more American than firing up the grill and grilling a meal?  What would the Fourth of July be like without firing up the ole grill and enjoying some hamburgers, hot dogs and pork steaks?  I know they are supposedly talking about gas grills at the moment but will they stop there?

What is next?

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My concern is that they will try to regulate campfires and campfire cooking.  This is my backyard and as you can see I am an avid Dutch oven cook and love cooking over the open campfire.  To me there is nothing more relaxing than sitting around the campfire with friends and relaxing with some adult beverages.  It is a way of life that I enjoy dearly and hate to think that the EPA would even think about regulating it.  Frankly it scares the hell out of me.

Maybe I am over reacting but the erosion of our civil liberties everyday is enough to make me nervous.  Maybe it isn’t on their radar and they won’t regulate it but the possibility is there.  It is time for Americans to stand up and reign in the EPA and fight these ridiculous attacks on our freedoms.  JMHO.  Now go out and fire up that grill and let them know how you really feel.

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