Love, Faith and Imagination


Everything worthwhile in life requires love, faith and imagination.  All three are mysterious and difficult to put into words. – Henry David Thoreau

The times that we are living in at the moment are turbulent and fast paced.  The news is filled with violence and murder.  Children are killing children.  Scam artists are ripping off the elderly.  Respect for human life has been left behind.  Humanity seems to be spiraling toward a deep abyss.  No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions.  Things are truly a mess.

Imagine, if you would, a world without hate, a place where everyone respected one another and valued a life.  A world where a man’s word meant something.  Now stretch your imagination to the max-drum roll please- an honest politician.  An unbiased media.  Congressional leaders who actually cared about  Americans.

We sure can’t have faith in our government.  They have given us no reason to have one iota of faith in their leadership.  It is going to take a miracle for me to restore the faith inside me that I once had for our congressional leaders.  The only place I can put my faith right now is God.

Love conquers all.

If there is one thing we need in our lives and nation at the moment, it is love.  Fill your hearts with love and it will destroy any hate within you.  Encourage one another to believe and to have faith.  Share the love.  Take responsibility for your actions and believe in each other.  Thanks for reading.  God Bless you one and all.




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