The Allure of the River

“The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are always inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson : Excerpts From Nature

(Bourbeuse River at Union, MO)

The river awakens a reverence within me.  I am mesmerized by its beauty and intrigued by the mystery the water carries with it.  As the water makes its way by me I realize that same water will never pass by there again.  It came from somewhere upstream.  Maybe a feeder creek or even from the very beginning of the river.  What has it seen?  If it could talk what stories would it tell?  Where has it been and where did it come from?

(Big River near DeSoto, MO)

My dream is to float the Big River and the Bourbeuse River from their beginning to their end.  Just so happens both rivers empty into the Meramec River.  Two of my friends, Mark Nelson and David Tripp, are planning on joining me for a week long float on the Big River.  Really looking forward to it.  If you have never consumed a meal cooked along the river, you have no idea what you are missing.

Thanks for reading.  Be kind to one another and share the love.  God Bless you one and all.

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