The Cycle of Mother Nature

“The promise of spring’s arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter. ” – Jen Selinsky

No matter how much one dislikes winter it is an intricate part of the cycle of the seasons.

Winter is a time when Mother Earth becomes dormant and enters a state of hibernation. It is the season known for creating depression within humans.

The trees stand naked all except for a few leaves hanging on refusing to fall to the ground.

The winter snow and rains begin a state of decay. This will add much needed nutrients into the earth that will feed the vegetation and tree roots. The moisture from the winter snows and rain is stored in the earth waiting to quench the thirst of the seed planted by farmers in the spring.

“Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows. Lies the seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes a rose.” From the song The Rose

The spring sun’s warmth coaxes the seed to sprout. The bare limbs of the trees start to bud out and the leaves begin to grow. The grass begins to green up and Mother Earth’s landscape becomes peppered with the color of new flowers.

The warmer temps of summer soon take over. These temps help escalate the growth of the plants. Fruit becomes bigger on the plants. The warm nights help the plants grow even faster.

Fall finally arrives and harvest time approaches. As the temps cool the landscape begins to show the breathtaking colors of fall. The growing season starts to come to a close.

Once again the onslaught of winter arrives. Once again Mother Nature has come full circle. The cycle of the four seasons is once again complete.

Spread the love and be kind to one another.

7 thoughts on “The Cycle of Mother Nature

  1. Good morning my friend !!! Perfect post!!!

    When a spring smiles
    you will wear new clothes
    and you’ll come to shake my hands
    my old friend

    And perhaps no-one will be expecting you back
    but I feel the beatings of your heart
    and a flower grown on your aged, bitter memory

    Some train, at night, whistling,
    or a ship, from far away and unexpected
    will bring you together with our youth
    and our dreams

    And perhaps you really forgot nothing
    but the return is always worth more
    than any of my loves or yours
    my old friend

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  2. This post, from first pic and word to the last, just beautiful. 60 second trip thru the seasons and felt like a shared journey. Thank you again for a spectacular post.

    Liked by 1 person

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