What Next?

I would imagine all farriers have some war stories to tell. The following is one of mine. No names are mentioned to protect the innocent.

Some years back I had just finished supper and the phone rang. It was a lady who wanted me to shoe her horse. She said a friend had recommended me. She told me that she had bought her first horse and was new to horses. Now I am not knocking first time horse owners but through my experience with them it was like the doctor telling me I only had a week to live.

She said that a friend had told her that “hot shoeing” a horse was the only way to do it and asked if I “hot shod”? I said yes ma’am and I set an appointment for her.

The day finally arrived and I showed up on time only to find that the horse was in the pasture. She apologized and grabbed the halter to go catch it. What followed looked like a scene from the Keystone Cops! I watched with amusement as this horse played her like a fine fiddle until I could “takes no more” and took the halter and caught the wild beast.

I began trimming the horse and got the shoe I needed. I placed it on the hoof to see what adjustments were needed for a correct fit. I placed the shoe in the forge and started to trim the other front foot as the shoe heated up.

I took the hot shoe and shaped it on the anvil and once shoe was shaped correctly I placed it back in the forge. This is where it gets good. I took the shoe to the foot and began to burn it on. Well if you have never seen a hot shoe on a hoof let me tell you, the smoke rolls and the aroma of burnt hoof is not the most pleasant smell that will ever reach your nostrils.

The lady begins screaming at me using words that would make a sailor blush. The horse becomes spooked and I am trying to get out from underneath it without ending up on the ground. This whole time I am holding a hot shoe that would leave a permanent horseshoe brand on any flesh, man or horse, that it touched. I was successful at staying on my feet and not branding anything. Then the owner proceeds to tell me to gather my things and get off her property. I gladly obliged.

That night I received a phone call. Yep you guessed it. The new horse owner. She immediately began apologizing and admitted she didn’t really know what “hot shoeing” was and got scared when she saw the smoke and smelt the burning hoof, even though I had already explained it to her. Drum roll; she then asked if we could reschedule. Let’s see now, I told her to have the horse caught up, which she hadn’t done and I explained to her how “hot shoeing” works but obviously wasn’t listening or didn’t believe me. Now I believe in giving second chances unless there is a great chance that I could get hurt. Maybe I am crude and rude but without saying a word I hung up on her. Maybe not good business practice but this client I don’t think I was going to be able to “charge her til I liked her”.

My beloved Kate. RIP

10 thoughts on “What Next?

  1. So, I guess she never got her horse finished being shoed? HaHaHa!
    Thank you for showing a picture of your beloved Kate.
    My BJ passed 4 weeks and 1 day today. This was a very hard decision for me to make. Makes me never want to get another dog again. I still have a cat that is approximately 16 years old.
    Hope you are doing well and staying well. God bless you, Wayne.

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  2. Oh dear, I ride and live in an area where there are many, many novice (new and very uneducated horse owners!) It’s sometimes sad for the horse, scary for these owners and sometimes I just have to look away! Yikes!!! I help where I can, always! But you did the right thing, sheesh, I would have hung up on her too. Why oh why do people buy horses and no nothing. Sorry, I grew up with them and showed hunters and worked for a horse trainer. People really need to educate themselves and listen too! 😬

    AWW, love the photo… ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and commenting. It is sad for the horses. They are very capable of hurting someone. Yet folks treat them like big dogs and the horse walks all over them. Human gets hurt horse is blamed when it’s really not the horses fault. Loved your reply.
      I sure miss my Kate. She was my ride dog and we were together everyday all day. Some folks won’t understand but to me it was like losing a child.

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