After Retirement

X-ray right front
Casted clogs on a foundered horse.
KB Aluminum bar shoe with a Myron Mclane support pad.
Doing what I loved.
Now the long road to healing

It’s been almost three years since I fully retired from horseshoeing. My health just didn’t cooperate. First I had a doctor treating me for a breathing problem when I was actually bleeding to death internally. Enough so that death was knocking on my door. Then my ankle continually got worse from a rodeo accident in 1979. So I had to hang up my hammer and apron.

I would like to give a big shout out to all the lady farriers out there. I really don’t think they get enough recognition. It’s damn hard work. I tip my hat to them.

As soon as I heal up I plan on enjoying retirement a lot more.

My idea of retirement!

10 thoughts on “After Retirement

      • Actually it’s a great post as is Wayne. You really did capture a picture of retirement. I was just giving you a hard time. If I was close, I would have to buy a yak and then there could be a post on what happens when two retired guys get together…I don’t think it would be “Grumpy Old Men 2” either cause we would be smiling too much.

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      • Gary thank you. Yep that would for sure make my day! Hard to be grumpy when you are smiling from ear to ear. You wouldn’t have to buy one, unless you just wanted to because I have two just in case someone wants to borrow one. Keep us posted on your orphan deer.

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  1. Here’s to all of us adjusting to retired lives. It’s a daily adjustment for me still. You’ll find a new way to live, trust me. Ha.

    Don’t forget to take us with you on your new adventures! I can’t wait to read about where your new journeys will lead. Take care of that ankle!

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    • My dear friend you have sooooo many avenues to explore where you are living now.
      I always liked to hike but the chronic pain always kept me from doing it so I have started quite a massive hiking bucket list. If this surgery works my quality of life will be immensely improved. My choice of trails will be those that I can camp overnight on.


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