My Love for Fly Fishing

“If one really loves nature, one can find beauty everywhere.”

Vincent Van Gogh

One reason I have a great love for fly fishing, is because when fly fishing one is surrounded by the beauty of nature. One has to seek out a body of water where fish live. You aren’t going to find them in a shopping mall. No, one has to venture to a lake, stream or a river.

When fly fishing, the angler ties a fly on the end of a monofiliment line and casts into places he/she think fish may be holding. The monofiliment line is tied onto a heavier line which helps to cast the fly. When fly fishing the angler tries to present the fly, which looks like an insect, in such a way, that the fish thinks it is real and takes the bait. I find fly fishing to be a lot more fun than using a spinning outfit. For one reason, even when you aren’t catching anything, you are still busy casting. It depends on an angler’s personal taste as to what they prefer.

I prefer a river or stream where I wade into the water presenting my flies to the fish, hoping to entice a fish into feeding on my fly. My presentation has to mimic the real bait. It really is a challenge and to me that equals excitement. I also find it relaxing and helps me to clear my mind and connect with nature.

My fly fishing buddy David Tripp fishing on the Big River in Missouri
The prize

Forty-five minutes of fly fishing at Bennett Spring in Missouri
Bennett Spring in Missouri, one of Missouri’s four trout parks
Caught this bass at Giessing Lake located in Engler Park in Farmington, MO

Some anglers like fly fishing and some don’t, for different reasons. As for me I love being surrounded by nature and the peace it brings. With the first cast I can feel the stress caused by everyday life begin to melt away and my mind leaves that part of life behind and begins to focus on the healing powers of nature. After a day of fly fishing, I leave the water recharged and feeling alive. It is a great feeling.

10 thoughts on “My Love for Fly Fishing

    • Good morning my friend. Wow Gary. I never thought of it like that but you are right. Crazy thing is I do 90% of my cooking outside and I cook everything in cast iron. I actually have a DO big enough to cook a 13 pound turkey in. It weighs 45 pounds. I have 3 passions in life. DO cooking, photography, and fly fishing.

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      • You also like to excel at things that are hard to do (the artist in you)and most people take an easier route. outdoor cooking is an art way beyond a temperature controlled oven. You are adding wood constantly for the right flame or dispersing coals when a breeze comes up and fans the flame while putting out sparks on the blue jeans while taste testing off the big stirring stick you just whittled.
        I know a bit about these things. I think we are related…LOL

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      • We are a lot alike. Maybe we are. I would be honored if we were. I have to admit cooking a Turkey outside in a DO in November with that cold northwest wind an temps in the 20s can be tough but the reward is magnificent.

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  1. Beautiful photos and I think there is an art to so many things we do in life but it’s the passion that drives us and I hear it in your posts! I bet those fish once caught and in a cast iron skillet cooking on those wood flames out there is the best ever! Love this! 😋👍😍

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  2. Very nice pictures Wayne. Enjoyed what you had to say as well… although, for now I’ll stick with my spinning (and baitcasting) outfits. When we move to Arkansas next year, I’ll start fishing The White River for trout… and I have a feeling I’ll get the itch to fly fish at that point… we’ll see… have a great week!

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