Caledonia, MO

“The houses, streetscapes, and landscapes they constructed remain, in great measure unchanged, from the nineteenth century.”

Thomas Flanders in preparation for National Registry listing, 1992

Caledonia, Missouri, can be found in the Bellevue Valley in Washington County. A large part of this small town, 25 buildings, was declared a National Historic District. It is home to Tyro Masonic Lodge who holds the title of being the oldest continuously operating lodge in the state. The Craighead House has the pleasure of being the oldest house in the village still standing. The 2010 census reported a population of 130. The town was founded in 1819 by a Scotsman named Alexander Craighead and he named it Caledonia, Latin for Scotland.

Several shops and boutiques can be found in Caledonia. Brushed, Caledonia Vintage and Gifts, Katie’s Place, Old Village Mercantile and Miss Molly’s Shabby Chic are a few of the businesses operating in town. Once you have taken a tour around town and if you love the outdoors there are many attractions that can be found near Caledonia. Whatever your desire, hiking, swimming, fishing or just exploring, you won’t have a problem finding a place to accommodate you. To name a few, Hughes Mountain Natural Area, Buford Mountain Conservation Area, Elephant Rocks State Park, Johnson Shut-Ins, or Taum Sauk Mountain, highest point in Missouri. One item I found interesting was that 20 years ago, the town was abandoned, and the buildings were empty. Apparently, the town is made up of some very determined citizens. They hold many events over the year. Their most known event is the Pumpkin Fest. You can find out more by visiting and look at their calendar.

I am lucky enough to live 2 miles from Caledonia. I love visiting the quaint little town. There are so many things to do you won’t be bored.

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