The Things Farrier Hears

Phone rings this morning and on the other end is a lady who has bought her first horse. Congratulations are in order, I thought, so I say so. She informs me that it is a two year old quarter horse. She bought it for her daughter. Now I should have asked at the point how old her daughter was but a gut feeling told me I really didn’t want to know. Sooooooo me asks her if the horse stands for the farrier. She says she doesn’t know because it apparently hasn’t been trimmed before. Then she adds that her nor her daughter can pick its feet up to clean them and it has never been ridden. Now folks you can call me a “wuss” if you want but I think most of my farrier buddies will call me smart. I proceed to tell her that I wasn’t interested. She says “I thought that was your job.” I said no ma’am my prices are for horses that stand. I explained that if I train them it is $350 a month. She said that seemed like an exorbitant amount of money. I said if it kicks me and breaks my femur that would cost me a lot more than that. At that point she hung up on me. I love my job!

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