What Have We Done

As a farrier I get a lot of windshield time. One of the things that amazes me is what we have done to quarter horses through breeding. I dream of the quarters of yesteryear. The horses with big bone, good feet and built to do their job. I see halter bred horses that go 1400 pounds and 16 hands with 00 feet. They should be in at least a size 3. Why have we bred these horses that way?
We breed good stallions to crooked legged, cow hocked mares and expect to get well conformed foals. I have seen ill mannered mares bred in hopes of getting color. I could go on all day but I think you get the picture. Then we wonder why there are so many unwanted horses.
Breeders really need to start thinking about what they are doing. Start using good breeding practices and restore all the good characteristics that were found in the old foundation horses. I shod a 10 year old gelding the other day that was 15 hands and actually took a size 2 shoe (most horses that size wear an 0 size shoe) and he had big bone. Kind of sad he has been gelded.
Think of the horse like a house. You need a good foundation to build the house on or you are going to have a lot of problems. I think that is why we have so many injuries in horses today.
Hopefully the quarter horse breeders will wake up and start breeding to bring back the foundation quarter horse characteristics to the breed. That is my hope any way. Just my two cents worth.

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