Things Not to Say to YourFarrier

Sorry his feel are a little Muddy.

He always leans on me like that too.

I don’t understand why the shoes don’t stay on,  He was just done 12 weeks ago.

I’ve never picked his feet up but he seems gentle.

It doesn’t look like he is leaning from here.

Can we shoe him in the arena?  When he rears in here he hits his head on the ceiling.

if my shoers ribs weren’t broken he could have shoed him.

I know it has been a long day.  That is why I saved the worst for last.

No he has never been shod before.  Nobody can pick up his feet.

I know he doesn’t stand but he is good on the trails.

Just shoe the hinds I will shoe the front.

Do you charge less for minis?

Now for a little cowboy wisdom.

Don’t squat with your spurs on.

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