Life Mysteries

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible.” – Oscar Wilde

For those who don’t know me I retired from horseshoeing and took a job as a grounds keeper for 3 cemeteries located in Farmington, MO. As I go about cutting the grass I often wonder about the people buried there and what they were like when they were alive.

There was the body of a man that came into the mortuary. Very little information came with him. The funeral director tried their best to find family members but to no avail. All they basically knew was his birth date and death date and that he was married. The only option left for the funeral director was to bury him instead of cremation.

The owner of the mortuary wanted to find someone to say some words over him before he was lowered into his final resting place. So I volunteered for the job.

In putting together some words for a service my mind began to wonder about who he was. What did he do in life? Did he die alone? What kind of person was he? Did he have any family left? So many questions that I will never know the answer to.

The funeral was held the Thursday before Good Friday. I was pall bearer and minister and went back to cutting grass after the funeral. A worker for the vault company and two grave diggers were the other pall bearers. RIP! So much mystery and no answers.

The gentleman was lowered into the ground around 10:40 a.m.. l went back to cutting grass. Around noon I looked back and noticed an older lady standing at the grave. I started to go talk to her but then I realized she had her reasons and I respected that and kept cutting grass. After a few minutes she left. I still wonder who she was but was happy somebody who obviously knew him came to send him off. Life mysteries.

6 thoughts on “Life Mysteries

  1. So glad you were there to witness and be part of this event. Mystery indeed. One could write a dozen books about the man, his life, the woman all alone to pay her respects. His wife? His friend? A relative? He knows who it was and probably sends her signs that he knows she was there. Perhaps those final moments before he was lowered into the ground were too much for her to witness so she delayed her arrival. A mystery. A plethora of unanswered questions, but I will believe she loved him, couldn’t face a casket scene (they can be excruciatingly painful), and chose to say her goodbyes privately. I love a good mystery, but, I also love a tidy ending, even if I have to write my own

    Thank you for another beautifully written story, a unique observation and your participation in a piece of life, the mystery of it, and the cold realization that life goes on even when we pass. (Time waits for no man…)

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