Small House Living

I became very interested in the idea of living in a small house and wondered about the pros and cons. In December of 2018 I had the opportunity to move into a 10 foot by 14 foot tiny house. It was void of running water and inside bathroom.

I moved in with my Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd which added to the experience. I do have access to a shower and water and it does have electric.

It has been quite the experience. I enjoy it but if I was looking at something permanent it would be at least 16 feet by 32 feet. I think that would be a very doable size.

I admit it isn’t for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend two large dogs either. It’s easy to heat and cool but just a little cramped at times. I haven’t regretted moving in. I am glad I did it.

12 thoughts on “Small House Living

  1. That’s a great little home! I have an 8×12 shed I built with my husband, from the money my dad left me when he died. He was a carpenter. This was my first building project. He would have been proud. It was to be my writing office, but now it’s more often a guest room when friends or my older kids need a place to sleep.

    Yes, 16×32 would be nicer. My ex built us a 24×32 house in Alaska’s wilderness in the 90s. My first 3 kids were born and it housed the five of us not too uncomfortably. I put hooks, nails, screws, and shelving everywhere, and we had a pull-down ladder to an attic for more storage.

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    • It is great to talk to someone who knows what it is like. I lost both of my dogs to cancer and I don’t want a big house for just me. I cook outside the biggest part of the time and I am not in the house very often. I would love to hear more about your experience.

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  2. So sorry to hear of the loss of your dogs. I would be devastated. One of mine is part Aussie. She lives with one of my daughters now. I miss them both.

    Ya know, maybe I should do a blog post of my shed, and one about my old house in Alaska. Thanks for the ideas. I haven’t blogged much lately, but perhaps time will permit more, as these ideas unfold.

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    • That would be great. I would love to read it.
      I was quite devastated over the loss of my dogs. Great Pyrenees (Eros)11/06/2019 Australian Shepherd (Kate) 1/25/2020. Kate was my ride dog. We were together every day. She was like my child. They both were.

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