Return to Fly Fishing

First Catch on New Orvis

“Even a blind hog will find an acorn once in awhile.” Unknown

I destroyed my right foot over 40 years ago and the doctor put it back together the best he could. When I walked, there was a considerable amount of pain and it steadily got worse. I was forced to abandon fly fishing around 1990 because of the pain.

I bought my first fly fishing set up in 1976. I was hooked, no pun intended. I was devastated when I walked away from it.

In 2020 I met doctor Sloan who said he could fix it and I eagerly agreed on the surgery. I had a chance to pursue fly fishing again.

I bought a new Orvis Encounter combo. As soon as the doctor gave me the green light, because it was winter, I headed to a near by lake. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t land that first fish.

Yesterday I tried another area lake but the fish Gods weren’t in my favor. Since I’m not a quitter I returned today bound and determined to get that first fish.

The day started out a little better. I got some strikes and hung two but didn’t get them in. I guess I wasn’t holding my mouth right.

Then it happened. I had one on. I got it in and got a picture. It was official! I began doing “Snoopy Dog” dances all around the lake, yes even though it was no Moby Dick. I can tell you one thing. A 66 year old fat man doing “Snoopy Dog” dances is not a pretty sight. The word “repulsive” comes to mind.

All in all it was a good day. The “no fish” curse had been broken! I gained confidence and everything was grand in Wayne’s World.

9 thoughts on “Return to Fly Fishing

    • They are few and far between that’s for sure. When I write these I think nobody wants to read about this. I got a private message from someone this morning who shattered their ankle 35 years ago in a car accident. They had never heard of an ankle replacement either. After reading my blog they are looking for a podiatrist to hopefully fix them up. That news was better than catching that first fish. Have a good day my friend.

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      • Ah, I will.
        never under estimate the power of your story Wayne. What I considered a dumb story has been my most read blog which I shake my head at. I think people relate and connect with us if we can paint a picture with words (actual pictures really help). You get out there in nature (most don’t), you have stories of real life not made up (most don’t) My oldest grandchild turned 19 now but has had a happy dance over a fish since age 3. (I have video possibilities next time in the boat if she will let me).

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      • I just had a vision of your 3 year old grandchild doing a happy fish dance and it gave me goose bumps. That’s what nature is for. To introduce our children and grandchildren to the joys of nature. Get them away from the TV and computer. I understand it and you understand it. Now if we could make everyone else understand.

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  1. Congratulations!! This is worth celebrating! So cheers to you for catching that fish and being able to return to fly fishing!! Never giving up, and so happy you were able to get your ankle and foot repaired to just about full usage with no pain! 🤩❤️ Diana

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