Importance of Trust

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”Stephen Covey

Trust is as critical to a relationship as the blood that courses through our body giving us life. Relationships are built on trust. It is only as strong as the trust it was built on. It takes time to build trust yet it can be destroyed in a blink of an eye. Two of the biggest causes are cheating and lying. The best way to preserve trust is to not give a reason to be mistrusted. When we give a reason the seed of doubt is planted in our minds where it festers and infects our minds until it totally destroys the trust that had been built. Once that trust is broke it is hard to get back and if you do it is never as strong as the original trust. So many people seem to take trust for granted putting their relationship in jeopardy. Trust shouldn’t be taken lightly. If one values their relationship they should be careful to not leave any room for doubt to destroy it.

10 thoughts on “Importance of Trust

  1. When I would interview people for jobs in my last employment, I would always tell them we would begin by trusting them and warn them not to blow it. I would also tell them I would look for things in their work that told me they were trustworthy and work hard at being trustworthy as a boss because so many people have disappointed me in life.
    It was sad when I would have to later approach them and say “remember that talk we had when you were hired about trust? let’s talk about that because here is where you are at”
    It was great when I would approach them after 90 days and say “I’m so glad we hired you. You have proven to be very trustworthy. If you are willing to have more responsibility, I can recommend more pay.”

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  2. This is mostly very true. However, I think you misspoke (mis-wrote) one line: “The best way to preserve trust is to not give a reason to be trusted.” Was the last word supposed to be “mistrusted?” Makes more sense with the rest of this excellent blog. 😉

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  3. I’ve almost ruined my personal relationships because I thought I didn’t trust my friends/ partners even though they didn’t give me any reason not to trust them. 😅 so the problem is just me and my mind it seems. I’m working on it!!

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  4. I give trust, early on, because, as I’ve learned; it’s one of my ways of opening up, allowing others to get to know who I am. I value Being trusted, know how essential it is to anything of value, and can be underestimated. Unfortunately, because we care about people, we can find that initial trust in one unworthy, and can make us second guess our ability to judge people.

    But. We’re human (dang. Ha) and have emotions and overthinking minds that can make us so focused on giving trust, we forget to see that the other hasn’t seen the importance that trust has in a relationship, and, failing to secure a foundation of trust…it falls apart.

    I too have fallen into the “not trusting completely” mode when there is no reason Not to (recognizing my baggage interference)…usually an unrelated trigger that sidetrack me…not perfect, I’m a work in progress.

    Time. Validating people who truly matter in my life deserve my trust…a small number to be sure, but blessed beyond words to see trust in action from those few who have my heart, and trust, and value mine as I do theirs

    I will make an effort to let those close to me know how much their trust in me means, how much they are appreciated and how much I want to continue to earn it.

    Thank you for a timely message. ❤


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