Lakeview Lake

Lakeview Lake

They were calling for rain this afternoon so I decided to take advantage of the dry time. I loaded up and headed to Lakeview Lake in Bonne Terre, MO.

Temp was in the 50s with an 8 mph wind. I assembled the fly rod and reel and tied on a brass head black fly. I looked over the lake and decided I would start at a point where the wind was behind me.

I fished for a good hour before I finally caught a small largemouth. I released it into the lake. I walked down the bank about 50 yards and began fishing. After about 20 minutes I caught a small perch.

By now the wind changed direction and was blowing into my face so I moved to the other side. About the third cast I caught another small perch.

I began easing my way around the lake fishing as I went and I soon caught a largemouth snd this one was bigger.

I fished another 45 minutes and managed to catch another small perch and finally a pretty nice one.

All in all it was a good day and I enjoyed the time on the lake. Planning another trip real soon.

7 thoughts on “Lakeview Lake

  1. You definitely know how to fish. My only experience was when I was in my teens (million years ago) and we went on a trip and while in the grand tetons we fished but didn’t catch a thing. We really didn’t know what we were doing, so there’s that. Haha, and I never had anyone around to teach me either! Having all sisters and one younger brother, fishing was never on the calendar. My dad was a physician so was not interested nor took the time to fish. I bet it’s an amazing outdoor soulfull endeavor. 😊

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  2. I’m not much of a fisherman, and don’t enjoy catching anything that I have to throw back on the rare occasions someone convinced me to accompany him on an outing. Give me a King Salmon run in Cook Inlet and I’ll be there with bells on! 50 pound salmon with limit of two, but delicious fish, and during the salmon run, hard to miss! 😋


  3. Wow Wayne. Jealous here!!
    I’ll get out this week for some rainbow trout through the ice. Sometimes crappies and bass bite on the same lure setup. There is a couple feet of ice to drill through and a couple feet of snow on the ice to clear a spot. Then I can set up a shelter and site fish in the clear water. Harder to move around though. last time out 4 deer walked by my shelter on the ice crossing the lake. What a difference a couple of states distance makes.

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