People Are Great

I don’t remember when I started blogging but I have been doing it for awhile. I have met some great people blogging. I have learned a great deal about lizards had Saturday morning coffee and learned about the deep cold a friend experiences way up north. There are so many that I have met and I consider them friends.

Everyone of you are special to me and I enjoy your work. I did receive a very nice comment on my Aging post and the crazy thing I really needed to hear that. It really made my day. Thank you sooooo much.

In closing I want you to know that every like and comment I get is very appreciated. I can’t thank you all enough really.

21 thoughts on “People Are Great

  1. Proud to be your friend Wayne. Character sure matters and there are a lot of great people out there who have it. Some are just characters and that’s ok. In Ky for a graduation then on to a wilderness trip for me if I can swing it. Hope your summer is starting out well.

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  2. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful community. I’ve met so many wonderful people too (yourself included) and gotten lovely comments. It’s a really supportive space and I appreciate that.

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