My Take on Photography

“Every artist has a central story to tell, and the difficulty, the impossible task, is trying to present that story in pictures.”

Gregory Crewdson

Photography is an art, and the photographer is the artist. There are those that will say this isn’t true however I have to disagree. Both must have a passion for what they do, along with creativity and a good imagination. A photographer only has one time to snap a photo then that moment is gone forever and can’t be recreated.

When l am framing a shot, I examine every possible angle I can shoot it from, then I imagine what I want it to look like. It requires an eye for detail, patience and flexibility. Light is a key composition and can greatly affect the photo. In a studio one can use artificial light but in nature one must learn to use what light is available.

When I take a picture, the subject must excite me. I sell my photographs and I have to rely on people buying them. If I’m not excited, I can’t expect the viewer to be excited. I have to capture the viewers’ attention and hope they buy it.

In Bruce Barnbaum’s book The Art of Photography Mr Barnbaum lists 14 elements of composition. They are light, color, contrast and tone, line, form, pattern, balance, movement, positive and negative space, texture, camera position, focal length, depth of field and shutter speed. There is so much more involved than point and shoot.

I am basically a landscape photographer. I love nature and am mesmerized by a river. Sunrises and sunsets always grab my attention. It never seems to fail that I see the best ones when I am driving down the road. They can be short lived, and the photographer has to act quickly. When I go hiking, I always have my camera with me. Quite frankly I suck at portraits, and I am in awe of those who have mastered it. Wedding photographers I think have the hardest job. It takes a lot of patience and creativity with some imagination. I am in awe of them.

There was only about 10 minutes between these two photos, and it changed quickly. I took them in Silver Mines Recreation area. This is the St. Francis River that meanders through the park. It is located between Ironton and Fredericktown, Mo. Kayakers love this area and have kayak races here in the spring when the water is up. When the water level is up the kayakers head for the river.

I hope I haven’t bored you with my photos. In closing I am going to post a few more photos I took when hiking at Silver Mines.

The first two were taken of the trail and the last one was a photo of what is left of the damn that was built when the old silver mine was in operation. Thanks for reading and remember to be kind to one another and spread the love.

17 thoughts on “My Take on Photography

  1. And you are good at the artistry of your pictures Wayne. You also have to be a business man to sell your pictures. Two very different skill sets.
    I am not a landscape artist. I would do very well with people pictures and have done some of that but just give me a tweety bird and I’m on it.
    I would also like to kayak those rivers and walk the trails to overlooks because the pictures are so inviting.

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  2. Hi. Completely agree about photography being art. Although a nature scene can seem the same in every moment, it’s always moving and adjusting itself with the light and wind. That’s what I love about taking nature photos, they change, if ever so slightly. I’ve thought about selling my nature photos- haven’t found the right avenue quite yet. Your photos are wonderful- of places many don’t see! Great eye!

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      • Hi. You’re welcome. I wanted to comment on your post about leaving the past in the past, but didn’t want to seem contrary. I lost my momma unexpectedly six months ago, so past with her is all I’ve got. I understood what you were saying though. 🙂

        I like your posts. They give me an idea of what places look like in this beautiful state that I haven’t been to yet.

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      • I’m glad you understood. I should have had a little better clarification. I am sorry for your loss and don’t ever forget the memories you made with your mother. Those memories will add comfort to your present.
        I am happy to hear you like my posts. Thank you so much.

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      • Thank you. Comfort to my present sounds great. I knew what you meant. I only mentioned it today, because I did read it, I just didn’t know what to say on it. Your photos on that post were wonderful, too. The rivers are so calming and peaceful. Hope you have a great day!

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  3. My biggest challenge with photography is getting what’s in my head onto my screen. It’s tricky to visualize a scene and then to create it from scratch. It makes it hard to do! I love the challenge though. Some images that I’ve tackled not everyone liked but I loved them because they were technically difficult

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    • You aren’t alone. I have the same problem. Not everyone will like our work. I am a retired horseshoer. Some folks loved my work and some people didn’t like it. You have to be happy with your work! You like a challenge? I respect you greatly for that. Some people just want to keep it simple. I am with you. I love a challenge also. Good luck with your work.


      • I love that you use to shoe horses. Nothing more valuable than a farrier 💗 I’ve had horses all my life. Very true about it everyone liking your work but as long as you know how hard you work and you value it… That’s all that matters. Thanks for sharing!!

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      • I’m 68 and had complete ankle replacement surgery in October 2020 because of a rodeo accident in 1980. Got rid of my last horse in April of this year. First time in 40 years I haven’t owned a horse. I really miss them.


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