After the Shot

With new technology and computers, the art of photography has changed immensely. Adobe and many more companies have added editing tools to enhance the photograph. The possibilities seem endless. I was a hold out until recently. I refused to use these tools until another photographer named Dave Shultz got me to think outside of the box.

Now photographers aren’t finished after the shot. It is just the beginning. I prefer Adobe’s Light Room. It is loaded with many possibilities. Like anything in life, there are those that love it and those who don’t. It does things that you can’t do with just a camera. New photo editing software has changed the world of photography. Good or bad, I think it will be around for a while. What say you?

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what others think.

9 thoughts on “After the Shot

  1. It does cater to the artistic bent as well as make some very nice visuals. I am not a hold out as much as a procrastinator. I just don’t like the learning process of technology. Once I learn it I’m fine. The purist in me doesn’t even like filters.
    Cool stuff Wayne.

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  2. I like them. All my shots are processed to some degree even if it’s a touch of contrast, even the best dslr can’t record what the eye can see.
    These artistic shots add a new dimension and are pleasing on the eye.


  3. I am suspicious of any “post-production” of photos, movies, recordings, etc..
    That we can now make it look like someone does or says something that is completely alien to their real views is disturbing.
    Of course, when acknowledged that a photo or audio has been altered for artistic (or satirical) purposes, that is fine. And on just simple photos, one can see the beauty of using technology like a paint brush, so no explanation is needed.
    Cool “painting,” Wayne.
    Like Gary, though, I am slow on the uptake of new tech. I joined a Procrastinators Anonymous group last January. We are going to start meeting soon. 😄

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  4. Since you asked…. Light Box works for many things – but I use Adobe Photoshop every day for work (website design & development). One of my absolute favorite things to do is edit photos in RAW format – it is unbelievable the amount of DATA a camera can now capture and store in these files. This allows for manipulations after the fact that are simply unachievable when using an action cam or something shooting JPEGs – even a “really nice phone camera”. Phone cameras take pictures that look great on small phone screens. Plus, tweaking in RAW then opening in PS allows you do create additional layers for non-destructive editing. If you can justify the cost, PS is worth it.

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