….and God Created the Rivers

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It was a beautiful morning in September.  A cold front had moved through and eased the heat of summer.  I all ready had the kayak loaded in the truck along with the fishing gear.  I was like a kid the night before Christmas.  I couldn’t wait to partake of drowning Canadian Crawlers.  I just knew that the fish had to be biting.

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I had set fifteen limb lines the night before and baited them at 10 pm with raw shrimp.  The anticipation of what could be on the lines was really beginning to have its way with me.  I cranked the ole diesel over and ……I was off.  I arrived at the 1-44 US 50 boat ramp at 5:30 am ready to go.  For all of those of you that know me and know I am no “morning glory” yes I was as surprised as you are right now.  As I backed down the boat ramp the weatherman at KHITS announced that it was 47 degrees.  At that moment I was very glad I had loaded a sweatshirt in my gear.  After about 20 minutes I shoved the kayak of the boat ramp and started working my way upstream to check my lines.


I finally arrived at the first line and……………….nothing!  I brushed off the disappointment, put my big boy panties on and headed up river to check the others.  Finally I noticed when I approached the seventh line the tree limb dancing the” happy fisherman dance” and the line was moving.  I got a pretty nice cat off it.  Probably close to 3 pounds.  I ended up catching 3 mores catfish.  Probably a gross weight of 12 pounds.  The good Lord had blessed my lines.  I thanked Him for my catch and moved on to do a little tight line fishing at which I caught two drum.

The fog lifting off the water was beautiful.  I admired God’s work and was so thankful that I could see and smell and appreciate it.  I was fishing below a riffle and a six point and a 4 point crossed the shallow swift water about thirty feet from me.  First the 4 pointer then about an hour later the 6 pointer.

After about two hours I regretfully headed back to the truck.   On the way back I saw an old doe with probably last years fawn and this years fawn cross the shallow water in front of me.  Such grace and beauty.  Life is good.

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