Slow Down and Smell the River


My chariot awaits me!  I used to have a bass boat capable of speeds up to 70 mph.  Fished a lot of bass tournaments.  Won some lost some.  Always rushing to be here or there.  I look back and realize I really missed out on the beauty of the lakes I fished.  It saddens me now to think of all the magnificent scenery that passed me in a blur.  I can remember in some tournaments there were as many as 100 boats.  Everyone in a hurry to get to their secret fishing hole.


Then one day I discovered the versatility of the Kayak and then the longing I had to be on the river again.  When I was a kid growing up we always camped and fished on the river.  Being on the river reminds me of those laid back glorious days.  Life was simple and family was important.

Paddling up and down the river my mind drifts back to those days.  I can smell the campfires and taste the fish that we cleaned and cooked.  I remember my grandparents camping with us and those marvelous meals my grandma would cook up along the river bank..  Awww life was sooooo good back then.

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