“Utopias are often only premature truths.” – Alphonse De Lamartine

There are those that think the inequities in our society can be easily solved through a utopian society or government. They believe Utopianism is necessary to improve the human condition. The focus of literary utopias consist of equality in economics, government and justice. It all sounds great but the reality is societies don’t have the same desires and because of this conflict it’s impossible to satisfy society as a whole. In a true utopia everyone lives in harmony.

Is a utopia achievable? In a perfect world, maybe? It would have to be a world void of the hunger for power, greed and emotions. As long as these three are alive and well I for one believe it is highly unlikely that a true utopia could ever exist.

Greater minds than mine through the years have debated if a true utopia could ever exist.

Theodor W Adorno writes: “None of the abstract concepts comes close to fulfilled utopia than that of eternal peace.”

8 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. Great question… I don’t think that a perfect utopian society could ever be mandated, as the people that would put it into place are flawed (as we all are), and the whims and desires of everyone living within the confines of that utopia would also be different.

    Maybe those of us that live in the United States, that enjoy freedoms of every kind, were (and still are?) closer to a true utopia that we ever realized?

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  2. There will come a “perfect” world under Jesus’ thousand year rulership, in which there will be no wars, no disease, no famine and perfect healthcare. There will not even be a devil to tempt mankind (Revelation 20). Yet at the end of the Millennium, when Satan is released for a short time, mankind will revert on short order to wanting life on our own terms and many will reject Jesus again.
    As long as man is subject to the temptations of the world, the flesh and the devil, there will never be a utopia here. The Beast and False Prophet of Revelation 13 will try to set one up, but THAT will not work out very well!

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  3. Very good thought to consider. Perhaps anything is possible, yet, I’m thinking so long as integrity, self-reliance, & sincere compassion is lacking in the masses, & the ego, with senses of entitlement within the human mind remains a force to be reckoned with on our own personal levels, I cannot foresee the concept of Utopia materializing. If it did, would deep appreciation for all being well diminish without the contrast of some amount of woe, like enjoying the day because there is night, having a favorite color because of the juxtaposition to other colors?

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