The Curse of Opinions

“Everyone has his or her own opinion and I welcome criticism. That’s why we have freedom of expression and that’s also what I stand for – but I won’t stand for insults.” – Ilkay Gundogan

Talk to the hand because the ears aren’t listening. This seems to be the mantra of today’s society. There use to be a time in this country when two people of different opinions could partake of a little spirited debate and walk away still friends. Not so much anymore. No such thing as peaceful debate. Instead insults and juvenile name calling is more the norm.

Everyone is different. We all have different likes and dislikes. Some people like summer some like winter. There are those that prefer more government and those that prefer less. They are opinions based upon a person’s thoughts and life experiences. It doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong.

The reality is everyone is going to have a difference of opinion. It’s a given and we as a society need to learn to accept it, learn to live with it and move on. We have to learn to agree to disagree.

“The only sin that we never forgive is a difference of opinions.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I watch with great sadness as friends and family turn their backs on each other because of their differences of opinions. I myself have been called stupid, ignorant, moron etc. because my opinion is different than theirs.

I won’t apologize for my opinions nor do I expect you to apologize for yours. I am entitled to my opinion and you yours.

I am not responsible for your happiness. I am only responsible for mine. What I am responsible for is to be kind to you and to respect your opinions. No insults or name calling and to love you as I love myself.

It is time for us to stop, take a deep breath, think about what we are doing and fix it. To bury our differences, embrace each other and seek harmony. We need to eliminate the hate that is running rampant in our society. Can it be done? I don’t know but I do know the world would be a much better place and certainly worth the effort.

11 thoughts on “The Curse of Opinions

  1. One of my all-time favorite authors, Isaac Asimov, once wrote: “Any of you, by the way, are free to criticize anything I say. If you do, I might learn something.”
    We have become to “siloed” in our mentality that we only “friend” Facebookers who agree with us and defriend them as soon as they disagree. The constant drumbeat of affirmation of “What I Believe To Be True” numbs us to idea that others’ viewpoints are worth listening to, if for no other reason than to learn.
    So I’ll be your friend . . . but not the dog’s. He looks too big. 😅

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  2. I find that people that can logically defend their positions (opinions) tend to get far less upset when those positions are challenged by others. However, those that rely completely on emotion or feeling to develop their worldview go straight into rage-mode when their emotions are challenged – partially because it becomes a personal attack… even though… it ISN’T.

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      • Well good! I’m worried though… because I find myself changing and being ready to shed the relationships I have with people who operate like this. “There is no truth – only my emotion”. It’s sad, and it’s difficult… but dang it, the crazier the world gets, the less I want to be around certain people…

        … but… I don’t know what else to do? Without reason, without simple discussion – I guess it’s not REALLY a relationship that I have with these people. It’s something else… and it’s unhealthy.

        *big sigh*

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      • I am a loner by choice. I am 67 and I don’t need the drama and the BS. These years are meant for enjoying life and nature so I have walked away from those relationships. I think these people are controlled by fear. I think they are afraid to be wrong. Afraid to admit that someone else was right. I think a lot of their opinions are based on hate for something or someone so strong that they are afraid to hear the truth.
        No it’s not really a relationship and it is very unhealthy. It saddens me that I don’t associate with them anymore but one can only be called stupid or an idiot of a moron so many times, just because I don’t agree with them.
        A BIG SIGH from Missouri

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      • I completely relate. I was lucky enough to just get back from a yearly “BroTrip” in northern Wisconsin with kayaks and some buddies from high school. We all align in a few key areas, and we’re all willing to discuss the areas where we DON’T align, openly. This is great… but it’s so rare – I mean we’re talking once a year. The day to day with other people around here is still pretty brutal.

        Ah well… thank God for the trips, even if they are so rare. Maybe that makes them even more special.

        I think I’ll go fishing by myself tomorrow morning 😀

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