More to A Photo

Storm moving in

Pictures can only show what is happening. Being void of sound and smell it leaves the viewer to their own imagination to fill in the rest.

How about you? When you look at a photo do you stop there or do you imagine more?

When you look at the above photo do you imagine the sound of thunder in the distance? Can you feel the breeze from the storm and smell the coming rain in the air? Can you hear the wind in the trees?

I am one who try’s to add another element to the photo that the photographer can’t. It adds a new dimension and can even add to the excitement of the photo.

It would be interesting to hear what others think.

16 thoughts on “More to A Photo

  1. Interesting question… I’ve never really thought about it, but I do find myself getting quite upset when I take pictures for two reasons: 1. I’m not especially talented in that area. 2. Even those that are can’t capture in a picture what was there in reality.

    With my VR technology on the horizon, they will try to mimic this beauty… but they will always fall short.

    To experience the real world is truly a blessing.

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    • Whenever I take a photo I try to make the viewer feel like they are there. I want them to feel apart of the photo. It’s hard to sell photography. I sell some here and there but it has to appeal to the viewer and make them excited. But alas when they are void of sound and smell it’s a difficult task. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. That picture I hate to admit it was taken with my IphoneX while my Nikon sat at home in the camera pack. LOL

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  2. I have an imagination and use it a lot Wayne. This is what I see in your picture. When I see the clouds building like that I always want to be on the lake (it’s 300 yards away) to feel the first cool breeze from the storm and see and hear it come. It really adds when the big crappies are surfacing in the still evening just before it hits…however, I’m close to the landing. My daughter bought me a dry bag so the camera stays dry but it’s ready to shoot. Usually the loons are doing a last minute feed nearby so it’s a hard choice; another cast or another picture??? usually the cast wins. In this picture I try to under expose the shot for more color as if it’s getting dark.

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  3. A phone photo is better than not having captured a beautiful scene. It’s all I use, as many do. I never claimed to be a photographer, though I may be a great one. Oh well for now. The Murphster is so darn photogenic, yet my pictures do not capture the depths of his beauties.
    I fantasize about being in many nature scenes, or regret not experiencing similar scenes fully when I had the experience of living them, but to imagine aromas and sounds, are interesting things to attempt & enjoy.

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  4. I love that sometimes a photo needs no enhancement, it tells its own story to the viewer. I think still photography can be compared to reading a novel or watching the movie, you control the images in your head. Lovely photo. Occasionally I will tweak images with Lightroom editing but where possible I try to catch it first time around.

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  5. What a lovely capture. When I look at this picture it brings back memories of when we watched a storm coming in off the lake when we were camping a few years ago. It was neat to get a preview of what was heading our way. It was a brilliant display of lightning.

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