A Dog Named Remi


My story begins last year when I bought a new home in Belgrade, MO. On the day of closing I drove out to my new home to take a look around. Upon arrival I exited the truck to only be met by a very angry dog.

Now I had never seen this dog and was to find out later that it was the previous owners dog. Now they had not only not told me about the dog but they seemed to have forgot to tell her they were moving and she no longer lived there. Bad, bad owners.

It seemed she was very protective of her abode and had no intentions of letting me in the house. She became even more angry and at one point had me by the pants leg.

My house

Well I managed to get loose and back in the truck and pulled out. Now all I could think was what in the hell am I going to do now. I can’t call animal control because she would have probably eventually been euthanized.

I returned the next day armed to the hilt with treats. The neighbor met me and explained that he had agreed to take care of her until they could get her. So he introduced us and we became friends. It is very difficult to explain to a dog that the home where she lived for five years was no longer hers. Being the sucker I am I let her in and she had no intentions of leaving.

My bed my house

So now I have a dog. She still goes and visits the neighbor. We are best of friends and she is a joy to have around. The old owners never returned to get her. She seems to be quite content and I don’t think she really misses them. I said I would never have another dog when I lost my two to cancer. Shows you how little I know.

Ahh. Home sweet home.

19 thoughts on “A Dog Named Remi

  1. AWWW, it seems the good Lord had other plans for you regarding your affinity towards animals. (As you thought no more dogs! 😉) That’s truly an amazing turn of events as it were and I’m so happy Remi can say, home sweet home! And Hi Dad!❤️

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  2. Dogs are not necessarily the brightest of creatures, but I am convinced they are most evident of God’s love for us. They love us unconditionally. Even ones that are mistreated will still go to their evil owners and try to make peace the way Father reaches out to us to draw us back to Himself.
    “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)
    Blessings on you and your new friend.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  3. To Remi you are a hero Wayne. You never know, given a chance she will be your hero someday.
    We are trying out some Anasazi beans today. With a ham bone with generous meat on it left over from an Easter family gathering….Thanks for that post.

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  4. Your house has it’s own homewarming gift! I suppose you were not to be in a different home all alone. Thank you for sharing this along with the comedy and love. I hope you feel as much at home as she.

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