Are Black and White Photos Appealing?

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.”

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was an American landscape photographer and environmentalist. He was well known for his black and white images of the American West. He created many black and white masterpieces, but I think his most famous is “Monolith, the Face of Half Dome. I know the first time I saw it I wanted to be a photographer.

I am a long way from being an Ansel Adams but I like black and white pictures. I just don’t know that there is really a good market for it. I guess I will find out. The top photo is a picture I took of one of the buildings that was used to process iron ore located in Park Hills, MO. It is now the property of Missouri and is a part of St. Joe Park. It has been designated a Historic Mine Site.

Building located within St. Joe Park and was used in the processing of iron ore.
A conifer located in Hughes Mountain Natural Area near Irondale, MO.
Cedar tree located in Hughes Mountain Natural Area that has seen better days.
The view on Hughes Mountain.

I recently was able to take a hike on the Hughes Mountain Natural Area trail. The trail is rated moderate is an out-and-back trail, 1.6 miles long.

I decided to be creative.
Some more of my creativity.

I hope you enjoyed my photos. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Color or black and white?

10 thoughts on “Are Black and White Photos Appealing?

  1. Wayne, I have thought a lot about the artistic factor, the appeal factor and the complex vs simple factor of black and white or color. Maybe a generalization of black and white is it signifies old, used up, broken, nostalgic, an era, a way of life and so on. I love the old mining and old buildings and coffee pot with no fire on the grate. Black and white fits and gives substance to a way of life as well as an era. I want to see the green of a live tree or forest but black and white works very well on a dead tree like your fallen cedar.
    The kicker is that the next person looking at the pictures may feel the exact opposite of me. Welcome to the variety of life’s tastes and preferences. That being said you have quite an eye and are willing to experiment. Oh, and my advice is worth about how much it costs you. maybe less as time is money??

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    • Gary your advice means a lot. We seem to think a lot alike. I was thinking the same thoughts. I really appreciate you, your opinion and your taking the time to read and comment on my blog. So don’t ever think you aren’t appreciated my friend.

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  2. I love black and white photos too, the depth of contrasts is what makes them interesting. I think of them as artsy! The industrial photos you’ve shared are intriguing. The other photos feel peaceful too me, and makes me feel like I’m right there camping. 😀

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