Devil’s Honeycomb Trail (Hughes Mountain)

Located in the Hughes Mountain Natural Area is a trail called Devil’s Honeycomb Trail. It consists of glades, savanna, old fields and it is half forest. Polygonal columns of rhyolite make up what the locals call the Devil’s Honeycomb and is located at the highest point of the mountain. It is one of Missouri’s geologic wonders.

Around 1.5 billion years ago the rocks were liquefied by volcanoes associated with the St. Francois Mountains. The molten rock contracted, and as it cooled cracked and created multi-sided columns and created a rhyolite formation that locals named the Devil’s Honeycomb. The Precambrian rock outcrops are among the most ancient, exposed rocks in the United States.

The Hughes Mountain Natural Area is located off highway M, 3 miles southeast of Irondale.

10 thoughts on “Devil’s Honeycomb Trail (Hughes Mountain)

      • We have vacationed on table rock lake a couple times and Branson area once. It’s been almost 8 years since we could vacation (because of our daughter and lack of a good enough caregiver for a week without us. We hope to get there again. If so you are on the list to look up. That would be fun. That being said we get to our daughters place in Bowling Green as they all pitch in on care.

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  1. What an amazing geological formation. Thank you for including how they were formed. Such a beautiful place and your photos are gorgeous! I just Love the natural wonders of nature. Any one of these would make a beautiful print framed. 🥰

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